horrid perimenopause/ADHD cocktail!

Perimenopause absolutely destroyed my previous ADHD strategies.

Before perimenopause, I compensated for my ADHD energetic “lows” by hyperfocusing and overworking during my ADHD highs.

When I hit perimenopause, I no longer really had highs. I was tired all the time, and I could no longer count on my ability to overwork.

This was hard to see it first, because part of it coincided with the pandemic. But even before the pandemic, I was vacillating between tired and utterly exhausted, rather than tired and not tired.

Before perimenopause, my innate intelligence compensated for my short-term memory issues.

But when perimenopause brain fog was layered on top of my existing ADHD short-term memory issues, I had a terrible time following the thread of what I was doing.

I very clearly remember a moment teaching a yoga class where I was like, “I have no idea what comes next.” I always had occasional experiences like this, but it became more and more frequent with perimenopause.

I have struggled with depression and ADHD my entire life, but before perimenopause, it was easier to convince myself that these were either character flaws I could overcome, or transitory inner states.

When I hit perimenopause, I no longer could afford the luxury of my own ableism. I was more deeply depressed, and more disabled by my ADHD than ever before.

One morning, I crawled back into bed with my husband in tears. I had already been to the doctor and gotten the prescription for antidepressants. But I was resistant, SO SO resistant to actually pulling the trigger and using the medication. My husband said to me, “Sweetheart, I hate to see you suffer like this. We’re going to the drugstore.” And we did. And life got a lot better. 

Before perimenopause, I compensated for my ADHD by playing whack-a-mole, allowing situations to become crises that I frantically batted away. I had no overarching systems or support because I did not understand that I had a disability, and that disabilities require accommodations.

The perimenopause fatigue and brain fog destroyed my ability to constantly run on adrenaline. I was no longer able to use anxiety and urgency as tools to get things done.

With the help of ADHD coaching, I learned how to create systems, accommodations, and mindsets to support the reality of how my brain functions.

Before perimenopause, my ignorance about my own neurodivergence was workable.
After perimenopause, I could no longer afford the luxury of ignorance about it. My ignorance became unworkable.

My thoughts at the time went something like this:
"I cannot, CANNOT keep going like this. I don't understand what's happening. I feel like there's some knowledge out there that could help me. How do I get access to it? How can I help myself?"

And that, my friends, is how I became an ADHD coach!

Are you in the same boat?

Are you a perimenopausal woman who is just beginning to realize that she’s got to figure out some new strategies for her ADHD?

This type of work is my passion.

Ready to feel different in your life?

More competent, less anxious?
More confident, less overwhelmed?
More connected, less isolated?

Let’s talk bb. 🤓

Book a free Discovery Call with me here, 

and get yourself out of the perimenopause/ADHD fog, and into a life of clarity. 


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