Low Cost & No Cost Resources

Low Cost & No Cost Resources

How to Get An ADHD diagnosis workshop

The medical community is NOT up to speed on how ADHD manifests in adult women. I created this workshop to help you get the medical care you need so that you can get on with your fabulous life!

Pick Emma's Brain

Wanna run something by me? Ask a question? Air out a worry? Get on my calendar and let’s tawk!

FREE: Nervous System Soothers for ADHD Women

I wanted to call this “The Feel Like Sh!t Emergency Kit”! But I decided to keep it classy. Regardless, this will get you clear on how to soothe and regulate yourself. 

FREE: ADHD Magic Resource List

My carefully-curated treasure trove of free informational resources for ADHD women. This list exists in REAL TIME—I’m always updating it. If you’re learning to tend your ADHD and don’t have the budget for coaching, check out this list.