Are you in the woods?

Let’s say you’re walking through the woods.

At a certain point, you realize you’re lost. 

Maybe you were with friends but they drifted away, or you started daydreaming and wandered off the path, or you were never really sure where you were going. 

Anyway, it was warm before.
Now it’s getting cold.
It was light before.
Now it’s getting dark.
You’re alone, bewildered,
and suddenly very scared. 

/// What’s in your backpack??? ///

Scenario A: You’ve got your work laptop, but there’s no WI-FI. You’ve got your phone, but it’s out of charge. You’ve got power cords. But nothing you can eat, drink, or wear.  

Scenario B: You’ve got your non-functioning phone, but you got other sh!t too. You got M&M trail mix and some hardboiled eggs! You got water! You’ve got a jacket!!

Which is more appealing? 

What condition do you want to be in
as you try to find your way home?

Do you want to be
warm, well-hydrated, and full of snacks?

Or do you want to be
cold, hungry, and thirsty?

I promise you,
you are far more likely
to find your way out of the woods
if you are well-cared for!

You are less likely to panic.
You are better able to strategize.
You are more likely to have flashes of insight.
Your stamina will be better.
Your self-talk will be better.
Are you religious? Your prayers will be better!

here’s what tends to happen
with my life coaching clients.
They are in the forest.
Their backpacks are filled with
work-related sh!t that
doesn’t help in the woods.
They are lost and freaking out.
So they hire me. 

And they are mostly hoping
that I will alleviate the discomfort
of being lost. 

They want to know,
Do I know where they’re going?
Can I point them toward home?
Do I have a map?
Do I have answers?

Of course those are all things
that we explore together.

But one of the first things
I start asking about is
what’s in the backpack. 

///  You cannot
solve serious problems in your life
if you are depleted.  ///

Read that again! 

You will need to replenish,
physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically.

HOW?? you may ask.
How do I replenish?
Well, it’s very personal. 

You may need to go on vacation.
You may need to stop dieting.
You may need to spend more time with friends.
You may need to take up pottery again.
You may need to have more seccs.
You may need to take long walks in the woods.
You may need to join a choir.
You may need to read more novels.
You may need to wander museums.
You may need to pray.
You may need to meditate.
You may need to hire a personal trainer.
You may need to hire a therapist.
You may need to hire an organizer.
You may need to stop being responsible for dinner.
You may need more childcare.
You may need more regular massages.
You may need to say “no” more at work.
You may need to say “no” more to your kids.
You may need to say “no” more to your mom.
You may need to say “no” more to your husband.


Beloved friend,
I care about you too much
to let you wander around in the woods,
cold, hungry, thirsty, panicky. 

Beloved friend,
// that is not the way. //

Sit down on this log.
Have some trail mix.
Have a drink from my water bottle—
I’ve been in this forest
and I know it is thirsty work!

I know we will need to be
// well-fortified //
to find your True North
to take a step and another step and another
to find a path
to blaze a trail
to get you home tonight. 

I believe in you.
I believe in this work.
I believe in your path.
I believe in snacks. 

Are you in the woods? Call me.

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