The Seventh Season of ADHD Magic has big Return of the Jedi vibes.


“My life is a tapestry of a bunch of people and systems that help me.” “I know how my brain works and I’ve set up all kinds of accommodations in my life so that I can actually implement my ideas.” “My husband is neurotypical and he handles the stuff that I can’t stand to do at home. And at work I have an assistant, so I can just go out and do my job and be brilliant.” Women with this kind of relationship with their ADHD not only ACCEPT it. They’ve designed their lives around supporting the stuff that is hard about it. And leaning into the stuff that is brilliant about it! They know it’s always a work in progress, but they’ve mastered certain principles that allow them to live in joyful harmony with their ADHDness.

This season’s card is The World: The figure in this card is a Skywalker, a Jedi, comfortable with herself, at home in her brain, wielding the twin wands of the support that she has created for herself and the magic that she is making in the world. 


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